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Dan Patrick Can’t Imagine the Angels Trading Shohei Ohtani

Photo: Duane Burleson

With all the record-breaking contracts being signed around the world of sports including Celtics Jaylen Brown and Bengals Justin Herbert, Dan Patrick thinks Shohei Ohtani may be the next guy to break a record when he signs a new contract in free agency. It leads DP to speculate about where Ohtani will finish this season, with the Angels or elsewhere. Considering the Halos still have Mike Trout and are currently in the hunt for a Wildcard spot, the idea of trading him defies logic.

Dan Patrick: “Are the Angels, who are on the periphery of a wildcard spot, going to trade (Shohei) Ohtani to a team, and then they’re going to get prospects therefore they’re not going to be competitive to try to make the playoffs this year? And you have Mike Trout so they’re not rebuilding...Do we want Ohtani to be traded? We want him in a Dodger uniform; we want him with the Yankees!  OK, just apply logic to this. And if you apply logic to this, I don’t see him moving, I just don’t.”