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Arte Moreno Doesn’t Want To Be The Owner Who Traded Away Shohei Ohtani

Photo: Josh Lefkowitz

Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno has taken superstar Shohei Ohtani off the trade market ahead of Tuesday’s trade deadline and Dan Patrick isn’t surprised. And while Dan predicted that Ohtani wouldn’t be traded, he actually thinks Moreno is making a mistake. By not wanting to be the owner who traded away the greatest player on earth and become synonymous with former Boston Red Sox owner Harry Frazee who infamously traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees, he’ll instead go down as the owner who got absolutely nothing in return when Ohtani leaves in free agency.

Dan Patrick: “OK, Arte Moreno doesn’t want to be known as the owner who, you know, traded away Shohei Ohtani. I don’t think you want to be known as the owner who didn’t get anything for Shohei Ohtani when he goes to free agency, and it seems like he’s going to free agency...If you said, ‘Oh, I don’t want to be the owner, you know, Harry Frazee, who traded away Babe Ruth.’ Well, it wasn’t like free agency was happening; that Babe was going to leave there at the end. They sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. But this is not, you know, the 1920’s. I want to make sure I get something for Shohei Ohtani.”