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Kirk Cousins Tells Dan Patrick: Pocket Passers Aren’t Becoming Extinct

Photo: Michael Reaves

Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He talks about his experience on Netflix’s “Quarterback” with Patrick Mahomes and Marcus Mariota. He says the neighborhood has definitely changed now that Aaron Rodgers is no longer in the NFC North. He explains in detail why predictions about pure pocket passers disappearing from the NFL are untrue and refuses to get baited into answering the question about whether he believes he is a top 5 quarterback.

Dan Patrick: “We had Steve Young on a couple of days ago and he said the days of Peyton Manning and Dan Marino, that kind of quarterback, those are long gone, that we won’t have the pure pocket passing quarterback. What do you think?”

Kirk Cousins: “So I’ve asked that same question of many people because I happen to be a pocket passing quarterback...”

 Dan: “Yes.”

Kirk: “So I’d like to know if my job’s going to be extinct...”


Kirk: “...At the foundation of it all is, you got to be a pocket passer. And if you can (run), then add that trait, I think that’s a huge bonus.”