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Aaron Rodgers Has a Will Smith Moment

New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers came to the defense of his current offensive coordinator, former Denver Broncos HC Nathaniel Hackett after current Broncos HC Sean Payton took some pot shots at him last week. Rodgers channeled his inner Will Smith and had some choice words for Payton, bordering on threatening. Dan thinks Rodgers was right to stand up for his coach even if he could have been more diplomatic. But it’s just the kind of drama the NFL loves and has Dan wondering if Rodgers is planning to slap Sean Payton on the sidelines when they meet week 5.

Dan Patrick: “In the moment, you gotta say something. I think (Aaron Rodgers) did the right thing. That’s his current coach...It was almost a Will Smith moment with Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. That was the feeling I got. Like, is he gonna come up there and smack Sean Payton on the sidelines, week 5? The NFL has to love this...”