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Jonathan Taylor Made It Personal

Photo: Justin Casterline

Colts owner Jim Irsay is taking a lot of heat for his comments regarding hold-out RB Jonathan Taylor but he is just talking business. Taylor is the one who is making all of this personal and Doug Gottlieb reminds us it’s never a good idea to poke the bear and anger the boss. Jim Irsay isn’t like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who continually rains love down on his players, but Taylor better hope he’s not like former Raiders owner Al Davis who was known for destroying the careers of those who crossed him.

Doug Gottlieb: “Going directly at the owner and the owner getting upset is not generally a way in which anyone sees any success. You have to speak in bigger terms, you have to talk about the process, you have to talk about the running back market. Whatever you do, do not make it personal to the owner...”