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This USWNT Is No Dream Team


The USWNT barely managed to secure a draw against Portugal last night in their final group stage match and squeak into the round of 16 of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. This is a far cry from the dominance they have exerted over the women’s game in the past and Dan has grave doubts about their chances to win their third championship in a row. Much like what happened in men’s basketball in the ensuing years after we fielded the Dream Team at the Olympics, the world is catching up and our position at the top of the world rankings is in serious question.

Dan Patrick: “The world has caught up. This has happened to us with basketball. When the Dream Team happened, we were crushing everybody. Then all of a sudden, everybody saw the Dream Team and said, ‘Oh! This is great! Let’s try to get a team that can compete with them maybe in the next couple of Olympics.’ I think that’s where we are with women’s feels like those who have had teams are getting better, and the United States right now is sort of teetering. Confidence can’t be at an all-time high, I don’t think. It certainly shouldn’t be.”