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It’s Too Late to Stop College Football from Becoming Professional Sports

Photo: Mike Zarrilli

Dan has been hearing a lot of comments about his declaration that college football is on a precipice and facing monumental changes to the way they do business. He doubles-down on what he said and elaborates on exactly what he thinks is going to happen as NIL rules, transfer rules and seismic shifts in conference alignments are changing the face collegiate athletics. Dan is convinced they will inevitably adopt a model based on professional football with maybe the top 50 programs in the country and a consortium to handle paying the players fairly.

Dan Patrick: “I can’t say this strong enough; college football is going to change, and I do think we’re eventually going to get to the pro model. It’s going to have X-number of schools and what you’re going to have is what you have in the NFL. You’ll have let’s say 40, maybe 50 schools and then the scheduling will be you’re going to be like in the AFC West and the AFC South. That’s what’s going to happen. Now, I don’t know when but it’s going to happen...SEC gave us the model. It’s really the model that everybody’s trying to implement now. But back then you were paying players, but you weren’t paying them publicly. Now? Alright, we gotta have a group, a consortium that we can pay these players. And that’s what happening with college football; everybody’s going to get paid, they’re going to be professionals.”