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The Pac-12 Screwed This Up Years Ago

Photo: Ethan Miller

The Universities of Oregon and Washington have announced their intention to join the Big Ten pending approval from the Big Ten Conference and their impending move has cemented the reality that conference realignment is going to completely shake up the college football world. Doug reacts to the news and reminds us that the Pac-12 only has itself to blame. They’ve had many opportunities to expand, including in 2012 when they originally expanded the Pac-10, and as recently as a couple of years ago when they had a chance to acquire some Big 12 teams, but failed to capitalize and now are on the brink of disaster.

Doug Gottlieb: “The Pac-12 screwed it up. They could’ve ended the Big 12 two years ago. Could‘ve ended them back when the conferences originally expanded in 2012; could’ve ended it. They didn’t, and now the Pac-12 appears to be on the brink...”