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A Career Defining Fight for Tim Anderson & Jose Ramirez

Photo: Ron Schwane

In a rarity, a dust-up on the diamond actually resulted in a solid connection and the perception of the players involved has been altered forever. The Cleveland Guardians 3B Jose Ramirez landed a right hook on Chicago White Sox SS Tim Anderson as they scuffled near the second base bag and Anderson went down hard and looked woozy as he was helped off the field by his teammates. Dan Beyer & Monse Bolaños are in for Doug today and they’re convinced both of these players will be forever connected to this incident no matter how successful their careers may become.

Dan Beyer: “They dragged Tim Anderson off the field like he was starring in ‘A Weekend at Bernie’s.’ ...Now Tim Anderson and now Jose Ramirez will be known for this moment throughout their careers.”

Monse Bolaños: “This only makes Tim Anderson look bad in comparison to Jose Ramirez.”