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Rob Parker:“Bengals Won’t Make Playoffs If Joe Burrow Misses First 5 Games”

Photo: Chris Graythen

The Odd couple reacts to Jamar Chase saying Joe Burrow should take as much time as needed before returning back to practice after sustaining a calf injury during training camp. Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate if Burrow should take his time or join the fast track back to the field! Listen to the full segment above!  

Chris Broussard: “I do agree with Jamar Chase in that you don’t rush Joe Burrow back. As great as Tee Higgins is, Joe Mixon, and that revamped offense line. As good as all that is the franchise is Joe Burrow so you don’t rush him back! Rob he’s the future not only this year but period!”
Rob Parker: “I think he has the IT factor. It worked out last year Chris, but I’m not convinced it can work out this year. I do believe that if Joe Burrow misses the first 5 games I do not, N-O-T, believe that the Cincinnati Bengals will make the Playoffs!”