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Broussard: “Ron Rivera’s Comments on Eric Bieniemy Not Necessary as HC”

Photo: Todd Olszewski

Chris Broussard and Rob parker react to Washington Commanders HC Ron Rivera’s comments on assistant HC and OC Eric Bieniemy’s intensity and debated whether or not it was necessary! Listen to the full segment above!

Chris Broussard: “Here is what I have to say about Rivera! He’s being honest, but I just don’t know if you need to tell everything to the public. I don’t think he had any ill intent and it didn’t sound from the tone of his voice that he had any vendetta, but if you don’t say that and don’t put that out there then it’s not a story at all!”
Rob Parker: “Everybody has different approaches. If he was soft spoken and quite they would say he’s running a country club and that he’s soft and that he barely cares! You can’t win there is always something! Coaching is one thing, kicking somebody or being disrespectful or name calling is something else, but just saying he’s intense is just who he is and how he is wired. Once I heard that, I am good with it!