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Honesty Was NOT the Best Policy for Commanders HC Ron Rivera

Photo: Todd Olszewski

A recent report surfaced about Washington Commanders players being ‘concerned’ by OC Eric Bieniemy’s intensity during practices. Instead of doing damage control and keeping everything in-house, HC Ron Rivera confirmed the report and thereby confirmed that the dysfunction in that franchise remains despite new ownership. Dan Beyer & Rich Ohrnberger, in for Doug Gottlieb today, are amazed that Rivera is letting everyone in on what should only be internal discussions.

Rich Ohrnberger: “This is very common what’s happening inside of Washington, that players have a disagreement with the way they’re being coached. The problem is the sourced report went public and the the head coach confirmed it!”

Dan Beyer: “I would pay $4.99 a month to hear Ron Rivera’s true thoughts. (Now) he’s giving us for free? I’m all for it!”