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Jason Smith: “Jonathan Taylor will not come back to the Colts!”

Colts RB Jonathan Taylor continues the preseason drama by leaving training camp to continue rehabbing his ankle injury off-site. Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the move and discuss what the possibilities could be for the Taylor and the Colts. Listen to the full segment above!

Jason Smith: “Taylor will sit until they trade him and it going to get really deep into the preseason and the Colts are going to realize he’s never going to play for them again then they will trade him. That’s the only outcome right now Taylor is not coming back to the team and they are not going to give him a Band-Aid contract with some money. Jim Irsay decided he’s going to make this combative and made it adversarial.”
Mike Harmon: “Irsay isn’t wrong here, the guy has done a lot of crazy things... but for this one you got a guy on the final year of his deal, only played in 11 games last year, is still dealing with the after effects of a surgery, and is going to try to hold out and say we need more money? That’s a hard one!”