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Are the Chiefs Scamming Patrick Mahomes Out of Money?

Photo: David Eulitt

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is considered one of the most elite QBs playing in the NFL right now. The Chiefs QB took a pay cut when signing his contract with Kansas City in order to keep or bring in more talent around him. After taking less money the Chiefs have let a star WR leave and haven’t done much to recruit. The guys react to the situation and debate if Mahomes should regret accepting a pay cut when negotiating his contract with the Chiefs. Listen to the full segment above!

Patrick Mahomes: “I don’t mind if a quarterback wants to take a little less money than he could get to help other players get more money and keep them on the team, but what we are seeing with the Kansas City Chiefs is when Patrick Mahomes gave them a team friendly deal, signed for what 12 years, so that they can be flexible with his contract and give more money to key players to keep them. How in the world is Tyreek gone...Where is the money?!?!
Rob Parker: “It doesn’t seem to trickle down to the other player’s! It sounds good, but then you could have a bad general manager who might miss manage the money you have given up and then the other part is that maybe the owner wants to pocket it and doesn’t want to spend it.”