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Maybe Johnny Manziel Actually Overachieved

Birmingham Iron v Memphis Express

Photo: Getty Images North America

Rich Davis: “It’s wild because, Johnny Manziel is selling autographs, selling memorabilia, making all this money...and there has to be a way to explain why this kid form a small town in Texas has a Rolex, a nice car, and he’s living the life! Everyone bought into the fake narrative that his family comes from oil was a way to explain why he had nice things! Well done, you tricked everybody!”
Steve Covino: “When the narrative has been all these years that he underachieved, maybe you were looking at it the wrong way. Maybe he overachieved?”

On today’s edition of Covino & Rich, Steve Covino and Rich Davis reacted to the recently released Untold documentary on Netflix that chronicles the life and career of Texas A&M QB and Heisman winner Johnny Manziel. Listen to the guys offer their thoughts on why Manizel’s career didn’t pan out and why, in one way, it may have!