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Now We Know Why Eric Bieniemy Isn’t a Head Coach

Photo: David Eulitt

Washington Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy has been in the news recently for his abrasive coaching style and Doug reminds us that it wasn’t long ago that many were wondering why he hadn’t gotten a head coaching job after being at the helm of the Kansas City Chiefs high-powered offense. Accusations of racism were flung at the NFL but it has become clear that there are other obvious reasons why teams have been reluctant to give him an opportunity. The current narrative certainly doesn’t support racism as the reason why nobody wants him as running their team.

Doug Gottlieb: “Now we’re getting a clearer picture of why Eric Bieniemy, to this point, doesn’t have a head coaching job. It’s not because the league is racist, OK? (There’s) nothing nefarious about it. It’s just about his reputation, which is earned, in his inability to be beloved by many of the players that he coaches.”