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49ers Would Have Won the Super Bowl with Philip Rivers

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu

Doug Gottlieb, on if the 49ers would have won the Super Bowl with Philip Rivers at quarterback: "I think the answer is yes. The one issue with Rivers is that he is a bad athlete. You can have failings as a quarterback and still be a good quarterback in Kyle Shanahan's offense. But the one thing that is needed the most is athleticism because of their zone run game. They would have had to change things massively. But I thought they had the best team, they just didn't have a quarterback."
Dan Beyer: "What is also interesting in this is this ongoing feud between Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan. If Philip Rivers was really in the plan, why wouldn't he have been signed for the NFC Championship Game? Why was Jimmy G just inactive and not placed on IR? I almost think this was a shot by Kyle Shanahan to shoot back at Jimmy G for what he said earlier this week to Mike Silver."

Doug Gottlieb and Dan Beyer react to the report that the San Francisco 49ers would have signed Philip Rivers to play quarterback had they advanced to the Super Bowl last season. Doug explains that while Rivers' limited athleticism would have required Kyle Shanahan to adjust their offensive gameplan, the roster still had enough talent to win the title last season. Dan breaks down why this story relates to the ongoing feud between Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo.