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Don’t Demonize the Tuohy Family...Yet

Former NFL lineman and subject of the hit film “The Blind Side,” Michael Oher has filed a lawsuit against the family that took him in, helped him go to college and become an NFL star. He claims that they never actually adopted him, and that he made very little money from the movie while they raked in millions. The Tuohys have made their own statements in response and the truth is still unknown which is why Doug reminds us to exhibit a little patience before we condemn the Tuohy family based solely on allegations. There will be plenty of time to pile on if Oher’s claims are proven correct.

Doug Gottlieb: “Before I go crazy and talk about this story, and talk about the Tuohys like they’re the devil incarnate, can I hear their side of the story first? We have no patience! We have the story, we get the allegations; they got to be true...”