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Should MLB Allow Challenges on Balls and Strikes?

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Robots or Humans!? Dan Beyer & Monse Bolaños talk MLB umpires and whether or not a batter and manger should get granted a challenge or if the MLB should move on to robot umpires completely. Listen to the full segment above!

Dan Beyer: “We are looking at a very thin rectangle that’s made up as the strike zone, how do in know that the umpires strike zone, how do I know he’s not calling the high strike at a certain point? What I think is part of the problem and lends to some of these problems is that box there and I don’t know how many times I’m looking at a box score on my phone and it’s just a graphic and you see a red strike and its outside and are like what?”
Monse Bolaños: “I know we don’t want to open the door to robot umpires but robot umpires would fix this and if we don’t want to fully go that way I feel that we need to give a challenge as an option to the batter and mangers, maybe 1 or 2 challenges per game.