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Deion Sanders Is Being Misunderstood

Photo: Matthew Stockman

Jason Smith & Mike Harmon are filling in for Doug Gottlieb today and they take up for Colorado HC Deion Sanders’ after some questionable comments to his team about fighting. As usual, the media is taking something completely out of context and this time they’re trying to portray Sanders as someone who is supporting bench clearing brawls. If you listen to the actual words that he said, he was clearly just encouraging his team to stick together and have each other’s backs.

Jason Smith: “This is completely being mischaracterized. I’m not a guy who’s going to defend Deion Sander on everything...I completely get what he’s saying. He’s getting a lot of bad press for this and he shouldn’t.”

Mike Harmon: “He’s just promoting unity, right? Look out for the guy on your squad, look out for your teammate.”