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Here’s Why Nobody Is Talking about the Browns

Photo: Nick Cammett

Doug Gottlieb & Dan Beyer are in for Dan Patrick today and they’ve noticed that nobody is talking about the Cleveland Browns this season despite years of them being one of the NFL’s media darlings. Whether it was their dysfunction or Baker Mayfield leading them to their first playoff victory in more than a quarter-century, we were all tuned into the happenings in Cleveland. Doug & Dan hold one man responsible for the luster falling off the NFL’s perennial fan-favorite underdogs.

Dan Beyer: “With the Browns, we followed them when there was dysfunction...and then we followed them as Baker Mayfield was leading them toward .500, and then we followed them to the playoffs...Then Deshaun Watson becomes available and it’s done, over with!”

Doug Gottlieb: “Since they’re not good and he doesn’t appear to be nearly as good as he was in Houston, or his reputation coming out of Houston is, it’s like we don’t even want to deal with it.”