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Prepping for Opponents Using “Madden NFL” Is a Bad Look for Tyreek Hill

Photo: Eric Espada

Dan Beyer: “I feel it’s an awful look for Tyreek Hill and I’m even more surprised that media sites are taking it and just being like, ‘Aw shucks, how great is Tyreek Hill?’ I don’t think those comments do anything but hurt the wide receiver.”
Kerry Rhodes: “That’s not the standard you want to set.”

Dan Beyer & Kerry Rhodes fill in for Doug Gottlieb today and they can’t get over the revelation that Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill uses the video game “Madden NFL” to prepare for his opponents. He claims he plays the game the night before and pays particular attention to the player ratings. As a veteran player, he’s setting a terrible example for his teammates and probably should never have mentioned it.