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Chris Broussard: The Bills' Lack of Leadership Could Haunt Them this Season

Chris Broussard: “I think Buffalo has more than enough talent to content, but here’s my issue with them... I feel like although Sean McDermott has done a good job during his tenure by taking a team that couldn’t sniff the playoffs, and turning them into a perennial contender, you still need that leadership to get you over the hump. You can get to the playoffs on talent alone, but to win and reach the Super Bowl, you have to have a great leader and coach. That’s what I think the Bills lack. Josh Allen is a great talented QB, but I don’t think of him as a great leader. Sean McDermott, the way he handled the Stefon Diggs situation, he kind of threw gasoline on the fire... Between Allen and McDermott, I think the lack of leadership is concerning.”
Bucky Brooks: “I think their preseason struggles are a big deal. Sure, the preseason doesn’t count, but it does matter. So if you put bad things on tape, that’s something opponents can use against you... What you now have is a team that is older, they’ve changed and lost some veterans, and their defensive coordinator Leslie Frasier is no longer around. So yes, this is a different team, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is a better team. The Bills are still trying to find their identity, and they have some work to do.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and guest host Bucky Brooks breakdown why they believe the Buffalo Bills are not as Super Bowl-ready as people think they are. The guys also dive into the drama between Stephen A. Smith and Stefon Diggs, and the rocky preseason they’ve had this preseason. Listen to the full segment above!