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Brady Quinn Confronts Will Ferrell Over Heckling Incident Against USC

Photo: Stephen Dunn

The Dan Patrick Show finds itself across the pond in Dublin, Ireland with guest Danette Will Ferrell as they get ready for the Notre Dame vs. Navy football game on Saturday at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium. Former Notre Dame QB and current host of 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn is also in town, and he stops by to chop it up with the crew. He has a clear memory of someone who could only have been a young Will Ferrell heckling him when he faced USC at the Coliseum in Los Angeles during his playing days and seeks to confirm his suspicions. He also weighs in on Reggie Bush’s plan to sue the NCAA for defamation, the pressure on Notre Dame to join a conference and the general state of college football. And then the interview devolves into a wrestling match between the former QB and the unapologetic heckler that is Will Ferrell. 

Brady Quinn: “If you could humor me, alright, and just say, ‘Hey number 10, your pants are too high!’ if you could just say that...”

Will Ferrell: “That’s probably something I would’ve said.”

Dan Patrick: “That sounds like you.”

Will: “Hey number 10, your pants are too high!”

Brady: “That’s him. That was him. I know it’s been a long time but that was definitely him!”