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Covino & Rich: "Is It Okay to Quit On Your Team, If They've Quit On You?"

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

Rich Davis: “A fair-weather fan is someone who doesn’t even know the guys on the roster. But if the team’s in the playoffs, they’re the first one to cheer or wear a hat and represent. I’m not a quitter, but it’s August, the Mets have the highest payroll and again they under delivered for their fan base. So, I check the box score, I’ll watch a Pete Alonso highlight, but I’m not dialed in like I was at the beginning of the season.”
Steve Covino: “When you commit to a team, it’s through sickness and in health. It’s like a marriage... You made a lifetime commitment to the Mets, you can’t just jump in when they’re good and ditch them when they’re bad... But you didn’t quit on them, they quit on you.”

Covino and Rich breakdown the Mets disappointing season, and Rich confesses that he’s mostly checked out as a Mets fan for the rest of the season. They debate if it’s okay to quit on your team, if they seemingly quit on you. Listen to the full segment above!