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It’s Time For the 49ers to Cut Bait with Trey Lance

Photo: Ethan Miller

Jason Smith: “Trey Lance officially is the number 3 WB for the 49ers. Brock Purdy is the starter going into the season, and Sam Darnold has elevated himself to the backup role. Now, Lance is in limbo. Before the draft the 49ers were itching to trade Lance, but they were too afraid to pull the trigger... But now they’ve given him every chance to get the number one role, and he now only has a handful of snaps in one NFL game... The 49ers weren’t signing Sam Darnold if they trusted Lance. Lance should be traded. It won’t be anything big, probably a conditional 5th or 6th round pick depending on playing time or how long he’s on the roster. But it’s time for the 49ers to admit, ‘Hey we tried to trade up and take a 3rd overall QB, we got lucky with Purdy, and now we have to cut bait.’... There’s no one to be mad about in the 49ers organization, the circumstances just changed.”
Mike Harmon: “Part of it, you’re a victim of circumstance... Do we have any idea really of what Trey Lance is? No. He was a guy who just wasn’t ready to beat out Sam Darnold, and now the 49ers are put into a situation where they can’t trust themselves to give the ball to Trey if Purdy goes down.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss what options the 49ers have with QB Trey Lance. San Francisco took him high in the draft, but health, a crowded QB room and underperformance in the preseason have plummeted Lance’s value. Listen to the full segment above!