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Steph Curry Is Not Better than Magic Johnson

Photo: Stephen Dunn

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry recently asserted that he is the best point guard to ever play in the NBA and Doug Gottlieb pushes back on Steph’s delusions of grandeur. It’s obviously Magic Johnson at the pinnacle of point guard evolution, both because Magic was always the best player on his own team and he dominated the league (along with Larry Bird) for a solid decade. Steph may be the best scoring point guard of all-time, but he takes a back seat to Magic when it comes to overall dominance.

Doug Gottlieb: “Magic (Johnson) was never the second best player on any of his teams, ever. Even when they had Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar)...Magic and (Larry) Bird ran the NBA for a good decade. Steph Curry’s been amazing (but) he hasn’t run the NBA for a decade.”