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Anthony Gargano talks Shop with The Odd Couple!

Photo: Gregory Shamus

Fox Sports Radio Host Anthony Gargano Joins the Odd Couple and talks Shohei Ohtani, Eagles, 76ers, and much more! Listen to the full interview above!

Chris Broussard: ”Obviously a lot of people expected huge things from the Eagles after they made the super bowl and you love Jalen Hurts, but people have questions of his arm talent and could he throw? Obviously last year he answered that question during the super bowl when he threw it better than we have ever seen him do it!”
Veejay Vernon: “I know the Eagles have Swift and I love their backfield, but there is a gentleman up in Indianapolis who can look for a trade. The three names I’ve been hearing are the Bears, the Eagles, and the Dolphins?”
Anthony Gargano: “When I first saw the news about the UCL I felt horrible because we were seeing something so special and I think the kid (Shohei Ohtani) is an amazing dude he’s a great pitcher and listen I’m happy he’s going to still hit but I miss him pitching! I get worried about pitchers man you see it all around the sport with all the arm troubles, it feels like its way more now than it’s ever been!”