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Did Shohei Cost Himself Hundreds of Millions?

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Los Angeles Angels superstar and perennial MVP candidate Shohei Ohtani has an elbow injury and won’t be pitching for the rest of this season, nor the next. Doug imagines Ohtani must be feeling serious regret over squeezing in another start for an Angels squad that will not be making the playoffs when he stood to sign an historic free agent contract in the offseason. While he’s still valuable as a slugger, he is no longer a dual threat commanding unprecedented money.

Doug Gottlieb: “If you’re the Dodgers...are you still going to go all in on $600M for Shohei Ohtani if he’s not a pitcher? And he won’t be a pitcher for at least another year...I do wonder about the psyche of Shohei Ohtani knowing that...he probably cost himself hundreds of millions of dollars.”