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Michael Redd: “American Basketball Is In A Little Bit of Trouble”

Photo: Harry How

Michael Redd: “American basketball is in a little bit of trouble in my opinion. I think it starts with grassroots. Elementary, middle school and high school development is key... skill development beyond just being able to dunk and shoot threes. Europe has certainly adopted the fundamentals of the game over the last 25 years and that’s why they are having success.”
Michael Redd: “(American) Kids have skipped a lot of processes to wanting to be great and it’s not all on’s on our coaches here in America. I think Americans are still the most talented on the earth when it comes to basketball but certainly the world has caught up and in some regards the world has passed us up in some ways too.”

Former NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Redd joined The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker to discuss the current state of American basketball. Listen to the full segment above!