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Sam Hartman Reveals Why He Chose To Transfer To Notre Dame

Photo: Charles McQuillan

Dan Patrick: "How many schools were recruiting you once they found out that you might be open to transferring?"
Sam Hartman: "There were quite a few. Florida was one, Auburn was another one. There was a little bit of Alabama. It was all strategic in my way of knowing that it came down to the offense in place here at Notre Dame, along with the school and what it represents."

Notre Dame QB Sam Hartman joins The Dan Patrick Show! Hartman reflects on Notre Dame opening the season in Ireland with a victory and breaks down the similarities and differences of handling expectations at Notre Dame as opposed to Wake Forest. Hartman looks back on entering the transfer portal and explains what pursued him to move to South Bend as opposed to other top-tier programs in the country. Plus, could Hartman be Dan's protege someday?