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The 49ers Don't Deserve a Free Pass for Missing on Trey Lance

Dan Beyer: "We give the 49ers this free pass because they make NFC Championship games, yet they could not have done Trey Lance WORSE throughout his time. I'm sick of the 49ers getting these free passes. They're going to get a lot of credit for drafting and developing Brock Purdy. But my point to that is, if the 49ers really knew what they were doing, then why did they bring back Jimmy Garoppolo last season, when they had drafted Brock Purdy? Why did they have him be the number 3 if he was really that good and the heir apparent?"
Monse Bolaños: "We view Kyle Shanahan as this 'quarterback whisperer.' He SEEMS to be able to mask weaknesses when it comes to certain quarterbacks with his system. So it's interesting that they weren't able to make this one work, yet they dragged it on for so long. Why did we drag it on?"

Dan Beyer and Monse Bolaños react to the 49ers trading Trey Lance to the Cowboys. Dan and Monse rip the 49ers for their gigantic whiff on properly developing and supporting their investment in Lance, and believe the organization should not be immune from criticism just because the pick did not end up destroying the franchise as they lucked into Brock Purdy with an end-of-draft pick.