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The Arizona Cardinals Are Blatantly Tanking

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Beyer: “What I think is such a surprise, is that even when teams have bad years, there is this little sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, your team could surprise someone. I know this better than anyone as a Seahawks this time last year, I was scratching my head, but I was curious. Maybe Russell Wilson was just kind of toxic, maybe this is gonna pull these guys together, so even though I was expecting a bad season, there was still some hope...I don’t remember a time where we have had a team seemingly tanking in the National Football League.”
Rich Ohrnberger: “This is as blatant as it’s ever been, at least to my recollection, every single move that they’ve made since Kyler Murray tore his ACL has led you to believe that the Cardinals weren’t exactly gearing up for a sensational campaign in 2023, but when you make a decision like cutting Colt McCoy days before the NFL season, you’re not even hiding it at this point!”

On today’s edition of The Doug Gottlieb show, Dan Beyer & Rich Ohrnberger slide in for Doug, as the Arizona Cardinals look to slide their way out of contention this year to try and get into pole position to draft USC QB Caleb Williams! Listen to the guys explain how they haven’t seen tanking this blatant before in the NFL, and offer some suggestions on what can be done about it!