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The Colts Never Wanted To Trade Jonathan Taylor

Photo: Justin Casterline

Jason Smith: “Never underestimate Jim Irsay as emotional as he was... I thought he wants to get rid of Jonathan Taylor and it’s all trending that way... Anthony Richardson is the franchise guy but I did not factor in his ability to mess things up. Apparently they didn’t get the offers they like out of Jonathan Taylor. So I said if there are teams that made good offers, we would find out because everyone around the league knows who’s calling for Jonathan Taylor. No team wants the image of being difficult to deal with by giving low ball trade offers. So were the Colts ever really going to trade him?”
Mike Harmon: “No, they weren’t. I told you that all along. Unless teams came in with a gold Willy Wonka ticket so you actually get the factory, you get nothing.”

On the latest episode of The Jason Smith Show, Jason Smith and Mike Harmon talk about The Colts inability to work things out with RB Jonathan Taylor. Listen to the full segment above!