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NIL Hasn’t Helped the Lack of Parity in College Football

Photo: Todd Kirkland

As we enter the first full week of college football action, Dan and the Danettes take a few moments to talk about the state of college football and the lack of parity in the sport despite all of the changes and NIL rules. It doesn’t seem to matter what changes occur; the same teams can be expected to be playing for the national championship every year. NIL was supposed to help other schools to compete for the best players in a free market, but the rich are only getting richer.

Dan Patrick: “It feels like we know the ending of college football...It feels like it’s the same schools, but nobody complains about college football and the lack of parity...I think we thought, ‘Oh, other schools are going to have money, they’re going to be able to compete with Alabama and Georgia.’ But Alabama and Georgia have been dominating before NIL, and they’re going to continue to dominate after NIL. But we do know, sort of, the football is sort of formulaic here.”