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Deion Sanders’ Victory Lap Is a Little Premature

Photo: Ron Jenkins

The Colorado Buffaloes upset 17th ranked TCU over the weekend and head coach Deion Sanders said he’s been keeping receipts on his doubters. While it’s a tremendous victory and certainly makes them relevant, they’ve still got a long row to hoe with games against UCS and Oregon among others. Dan wants to make sure everyone understands they aren’t anywhere near winning any kind of championship, Pac-12 or otherwise.

Dan Patrick: “All of this now, can you keep using it? Because now everybody’s going to heap praise on you...Then you’re on the road. Go play Nebraska, you got USC, you’re at Oregon. It’s tough! But I don’t want to hear the following: ‘Well hey, we lost a couple games. It’s hard to bring all these kids together and make it work in the first year.’ You can’t have it both ways. If you’re here, you’re here and you’re going to prove it this entire season, not a one-off against TCU.”