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Russell Wilson Has Kissed Babies His Entire Career

Photo: Christian Petersen

Chris Broussard: “Payton told Russell Wilson that to salvage his career; he needed to focus less on ‘Russell Inc.’ “Will you f---ing stop kissing all the babies? You are not running for public office.”

Rob Parker: “There’s some beef there. It’s cool to give insight and that’s a juicy quote or whatever but you don’t have to say that if you don’t want to. It tells you that they felt like Russell had got out of football mode and just so busy doing everything else. There were people who called in this very radio show from Seattle and said we’ve been watching him closely and he’s not the same Russ... and they were right.”

Chris Broussard: “I don’t think the quote means that there’s beef. I think that any coach who is not afraid of their superstars should be able to say that to a player.”

On the latest episode of The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate if there’s beef between Broncos HC Sean Payton and Broncos QB Russell Wilson. Check out the full segment above!