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Dan Campbell Has Revolutionized the Lions By Fostering a Unique Culture

Photo: Jamie Squire

Jason Smith: “There’s a misconception to what people and fans think a great coach is. Everyone defaults to the same thing: ‘this guy has a great system’... And that is a way to be a great coach. But sometimes coaching is different. Like Deion Sanders. Deion isn’t a great play caller, but he’s great at fostering a culture, and that’s exactly what Dan Campbell is. He’s created a culture, where you can see that his players love playing for him.”
Mike Harmon: “If you look at Phil Jackson in the NBA, he did the same thing. He got all of those egos to buy in... It takes a lot of the personality, and continuity with your front office in finding the type of players you’d like to bring in. Does Jared Goff necessarily fit the aesthetics of what you think a Dan Campbell quarterback is?”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Detroit Lions win over the Kansas City Chiefs to kick off the 2023 NFL season, and tell you what makes Dan Campbell such a great coach! Listen to the full segment above!