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Rob Parker: "Joe Burrow Should've Demanded a Fully Guaranteed Contract!"

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

Rob Parker: “I’m disappointed in Joe Burrow. As much as I love him as a QB, he wimped out! He had all of the leverage in Cincinnati. He should’ve made Mike Brown guarantee the contract fully. What’s the difference between $219 and $275? It ain’t that big of a difference. Or taken a shorter deal like Andrew Brandt suggested? I don’t understand, that’s why the NFL players are in the situation they’re in. I would understand if you’re a fringe player with no leverage, and you could get cut tomorrow. Joe Burrow has all of that, and could’ve easily done that and made Cincinnati balk... With the season on the line, he should’ve demanded it be fully guaranteed. The guy who plays across town got a fully guaranteed deal, and he hasn’t made a Super Bowl.”
Chris Broussard: “I think the players should be fighting for more guaranteed deals, but I’m not going to single out Joe Burrow. Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert weren’t able to do it, and they should be looked at to... All of these QBs should’ve gotten together, and made a pact to push for these guaranteed deals.”

Today on The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker give LIVE reaction to Joe Burrow signing a record breaking 5-year extension worth $275 million. Although they’re happy Burrow got paid, Rob is mad that he didn’t hold out for a fully guaranteed contract. Listen to the full segment above!