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Not To Worry, The Chiefs Still Have Andy Reid & Patrick Mahomes

Photo: Michael Reaves

The Kansas City Chiefs dropped their first season opening game for the first time since 2014 and the reports of their demise are already rampant. They’re still missing a go-to wide receiver, their offensive line is suspect, and their defense has never been elite but Doug reminds us that those were never their true strengths to begin with. As long as they still have the best head coach and quarterback in the league, they’ll be just fine.

Doug Gottlieb: “They’re not great outside of (Travis) Kelce in terms of volume of quality wide receivers. Their offensive line is an issue. They’re defense is good but let’s not act like it’s elite...Your faith and my faith in the Chiefs really revolves around the fact that they have Andy Reid, they have Patrick Mahomes, and you don’t.”