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Rob Parker: Patrick Mahomes Isn't Superman

Photo: David Eulitt

Rob Parker: "In moments like last night, even when things don't go how they normally go, he (Patrick Mahomes) usually pulls out the Superman cape at the end end and wins the game for the Chiefs no matter who is there, through hell or high water... and then all is good in Chief land, that didn't happen last night."
Chris Broussard: "Patrick Mahomes wasn't the problem, had he just had a tad, a wee bit of help, it would have been another moment...because those dudes could not catch the football!"

On this episode of The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, Chris and Rob discuss Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs performance in yesterdays loss to the Lions. The guys go into depth and debate on why or why not Mahomes may not be "Superman" anymore on his team.