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The Dan Patrick Jinx Hooked Patrick Mahomes

Photo: Jamie Squire

The Detroit Lions defeated the defending Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in last night’s NFL opener with Mahomes throwing the first opening day/night interception of his career. Dan is getting some heat for bringing Mahomes’ spotless opening day record up in discussion during yesterday’s show before the game, and some are flat out blaming him for the Chiefs loss. Dan wasn’t actively trying to jinx anybody, but the facts are not in dispute.

Dan Patrick: “He had a pick-6 and yes, I did mention yesterday that Patrick Mahomes has never thrown an interception on opening day/opening night. And of course, he threw an interception and pick-6 to which Todd (Fritz) pointed out to me, texted me, ‘You jinxed him!’ No! My job is to just bring out facts, that’s all Todd. I wasn’t trying to jinx Patrick Mahomes.”