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Jets Fans Need to Stop with the Pity Party

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

Photo: Elsa / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington call out Jets fans who threw a pity party the second Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury.

Jonas Knox: "There's some Jets fans that are such losers. Get a life. Get a grip on reality. Do something else and leave the poor me, pity parties for stuff that's actually a pity party. You see Jets fans the second Rodgers goes down with the injury, 'Of course it would happen to us. The Jets are cursed. Of course.'
First off, how about the fact that this guy is 39 years old and he might have just lost his career on the field but, 'My football team's cursed.' There was no guarantees you were going to win a Super Bowl because you had Aaron Rodgers!"
LaVar Arrington: "Crazy thing is we have no idea if they were going to be really, really good... There's a still a silver lining here. This might sound outrageous, it might sound crazy, it might sound a little deranged, a little delusional. But you do have a first round quarterback on your roster that you drafted."