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Could Giannis Move to Greener Pastures for the Sake of His Legacy?

On a new episode of The Jason Smith Show w/ Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike talk Milwaukee Bucks PF Giannis Antetokounmpo recent comments hinting at a possible departure from the Bucks if things don’t start to work out for the team.

Jason Smith: “Giannis is going to leave, you can already tell from stars because they have the itch... All-Stars when they get to the point of what’s their legacy, and everyone gets there especially when you are talking about a small market team, Giannis is going to sit here and continue to say, ‘can I win here again or is the grass greener,’ and that itch is just too impossible to not scratch.”
Mike Harmon: “Whatever happened to working towards a goal, it’s not a failure, the steps to success? Remember that teachable moment and all the heart strings and violins and all the crap that he tried to sell after they got bounced out of the playoffs...Come on man!”