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Post-Rodgers Depression Is Already Setting In

Photo: Mike Stobe

Dan Patrick was starting to feel the effects of losing New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers for the season on his drive in to work this morning and he shares his feelings of malaise to open the show. Even though he is not a fan of the Jets or Aaron Rodgers in particular, he was certainly looking forward to seeing what the Jets could do with Rodgers at the helm, just like most NFL fans. He’s trying to be optimistic about what’s next for the Jets in hopes of snapping out of the sports depression that’s setting in.

Dan Patrick: “This is not your fandom with a team or a player. This is just an overall malaise where you go, ‘Oh my God,’ because we all grew up with disappointment, that’s part of being a fan. But if you’re not a Jets fan and not a (Aaron) Rodgers fan, I think there’s still a sports depression that sets in just a little bit because you wanted to see what the Jets could do.”