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Coach Prime is a Threat to the Establishment

Photo: Ron Jenkins

Chris Broussard: “There’s been several coaches push back on Deion. Is there a racial element? Maybe a little but it’s even more of a cultural element. He’s coming in different Rob. Even the black college coaches don’t tend to act like Deion... they don’t have swag like him.”

Chris Broussard: “Deion Sanders didn’t come up the coaching ranks the normal way. He didn’t start off as a grad assistant and then assistant coach and then a coordinator at various colleges before he got his shot. He was a great NFL player and coached at the youth level, went the HBCU route and now he’s here and he’s a threat to the establishment.”

On the latest episode of The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss the potential dramatic impact Deion Sanders coaching success could have on the college football landscape. Listen to the full segment above!