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Steve Covino: “Don’t Poke the Prime”

Photo: Ron Jenkins

Rich Davis: “I can agree with what Jay Norvell said but should he have said it? You bet your booty no. Why would you motivate an already motivated team like Colorado? I promise you Coach Prime (Deion Sanders) is going to run this game up.”

Steve Covino: “Yeah you just added unnecessary fuel to that fire and made it personal. Clearly Coach Prime is not happy about it, the team is not happy about it and they are going to take it out on the field Saturday.

Steve Covino: “I love respect but you know who I respect on that level? My elders and my boss. I’m not taking off my sunglasses and turning down my swag for anybody unless you are my elder or my boss.

On the latest episode of Covino and Rich, Steve Covino and Rich Davis debate whether Colorado State HC Jay Norvell was out of line for attacking Colorado HC Deion Sanders leading up to their Saturday night showdown. Listen to the full segment above!