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Jason Smith: "Deion Sanders Coaches With His Strengths... And It’s Working"

Photo: Ron Jenkins

Jason Smith: “The genius of Deion is you don’t need to be a great play-caller with a revolutionary offensive system. Coaches are different and they succeed in different ways, and Deion’s a coach that we don’t appreciate how good he is because we haven’t seen do anything near the style he’s doing... Look at what he’s done the last few days with the sunglasses. You watch, everyone’s going to wear sunglasses to Boulder’s next game... You don’t need to be a master play caller. You coach with your strengths, and it’s working.”
Mike Harmon: “What’s been interesting, is the narrative is shifting toward ‘is it sustainable?’ We don’t care about that now. For what they’re doing in the moment, it’s working.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss the unique coaching style of Deion Sanders, and how his coaching style has revolutionized College Football. Listen to the full segment above!