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Covino & Rich Break Down the “Aaron Rodgers Trifecta” the Jets are Facing

Rich Davis: “Jets fans are usually Mets fans... Guess who was going to ‘potentially’ return before the playoffs? Edwin Diaz! Cue up Timmy Trumpets, but they don’t need it because the Mets stink. For this to even matter, if the Jets are 7-10 and missing the postseason, Aaron Rodgers isn’t coming back. So in order for layer one to happen, the Jets need to be good.”
Steve Covino: “Step 2 of this ‘tripod,’ is how do they get there? This weekend should be a must win a against the Patriots, and looking at their schedule, they should aim for 2-4 at least to start the season. But they also need to start making moves. One of the names that came up is Jameis Winston. There was a video of him on Monday Night Football, shaking every teammates hand after the Saints won. He’s the number one answer, because he’s such a team guy and deserves an opportunity.”
Rich Davis: “Leg number 3 of this tripod, involves Robert Saleh. My dad listens to Michael Kay, and Saleh does a weekly hit on his show, and is aggravated about how New Yorkers can see through his BS. Saleh is trying to be all positive about Zach Wilson, but the New Yorkers aren’t buying it... He needs to cut the ‘too positive’ mood, and has to live in reality.”

Covino and Rich breakdown three major points coming out of “Jets-land” following Aaron Rodgers Achilles injury. Could Aaron Rodgers return this year, and when? What do the Jets do at QB in the meantime? Plus, is Robert Saleh cutting Zach Wilson too much slack? Listen to the full segment above!