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Mike Harmon: The Hellish Road the Bears are on Could Lead to Caleb Williams

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Jason Smith: “Hey man, I just want to make sure you as a Bears fan are okay with everything that has gone on today?”
Mike Harmon: “Multiple A block stories if you’re leading national show... The Fields part is pretty basic. He’s ticked off at the criticism he’s received in Chicagoland for his play. Clearly the coaching staff is trying to impress on him that he needs to be a better pocket passer... The Williams thing is interesting. I worked with the lawyer he retained back at Northwestern. There’s a ton of gray area in that story, but basically is that floating dumpster fire, and here I am sitting with a giant question mark over my head.”

Jason Smith gets Mike Harmon’s raw reaction regarding the onslaught of news surrounding the Bears today, including Justin Fields’ comments, Charles “Peanut” Tillman leading an FBI raid on Halas Hall, their defensive coordinator’s departure and Nathan Peterman’s release. Listen to the full segment above!